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How to Apply

​BFA Theatre Arts

Applying to the BFA Theatre Arts program involves submitting all required application materials​ and completing an interview. All of your application materials must be received no later than February 1 or two weeks prior to your interview date, whichever date is earlier.

Before you can register for your Theatre Arts interview,​​ you will need to pay the interview fee and upload the following major-specific materials to your Blue Demon Domain:​​​​​

Your resume can include both theatre experience and related non-theatre experience (extracurricular activities, employment, etc.)

Please choose and respond to one of the following prompts. Your answer may take any form that best expresses what you have to say. There is no specific length or formatting requirement.

1)    Describe the theater of the future.

2)    Choose a play you love and describe your ideal production of it.

3)    Write a review of a play or performance that doesn’t (yet) exist.

4)    You have to choose a play or a performance to put in a time capsule that will be opened in 100 years. What do you choose? Why this one?

The Interview

An interview is required of all applicants to the BFA Theatre Arts program. You will interview one-on-one with a faculty member. We believe that during the interview, the questions you have for us are as important as the questions we have for you. There is no fixed format or schedule of questions for the interview, so you will be evaluated as an individual by an individual. The faculty member who conducts the interview will be interested in your theatre experiences, academic record, personal achievements, extracurricular activities and plans for your artistic future. The best preparation for the interview is to be curious; come with plenty of questions about courses, instructors, student life and anything else you would like to discuss.​​

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