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Auditions & Interviews

An audition or interview is required for admission for all Theatre School programs. Registration is done online and closes a couple days before the audition/interview day. Be aware that some dates fill up more quickly than others and registration is done on a first come, first served basis. If there is a particular day or location you prefer, we encourage you to apply early.

Questions about how to register, what you'll need, what to expect, or other information about auditions and interviews? Visit our audition/interview FAQ!

BFA Auditions & Interviews

Chicago (The Theatre School, 2350 N. Racine Ave.)
October 19: Interviews
November 9: Interviews
January 11: Interviews & Callback Auditions
January 18: Interviews
January 25: Interviews & Callback Auditions
February 1: Interviews & Callback Auditions
February 4: Callback Auditions
February 5: Callback Auditions
February 8: Interviews
February 15: Interviews & Callback Auditions

Houston (Hotel ICON, 220 Main St.)
December 7: Interviews

New York City (Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave.)
January 17: Interviews & Callback Auditions
January 18: Interviews & Callback Auditions
January 19: Interviews & Callback Auditions

Los Angeles (Los Angeles Airport Marriott, 5855 W. Century Blvd.)
February 9: Interviews & Callback Auditions
February 10: Interviews & Callback Auditions

Custom Interviews (Phone, Skype, Facetime, or In-Person on other dates)
Applicants unable to attend any of our pre-set interview days may request a custom interview through a form on the interview registration page. The request form must be submitted by February 7. Your application must be 100% complete (all application materials received) before you can submit the request form. Custom Interviews are generally not scheduled past February 15, the last in-person interview day. All custom interviews are scheduled using Central Standard Time, so please be mindful when providing your availability or confirming a custom interview if you reside in a different time zone!

How to register for a...

Auditions are for BFA Acting applicants only; all other BFA programs require an interview. The BFA audition process is done in two parts: a video prescreen and an in-person callback audition. Please click here to read more about the prescreen and callback. Students who receive a callback will be emailed a link to the callback registration page.

Soon after applying, non-Acting/non-Stage Management applicants are sent an email titled "Register for a Theatre School Interview". (BFA Stage Management applicants must pass the prescreen before registering for an interview.) This email contains a list of materials needed prior to registering for an interview as well as a link to the BFA interview registration page. If a student tries to register for an interview before uploading the required materials, they will receive an error message. A confirmation email is sent to the student upon successful registration.

MFA Auditions & Interviews

Chicago (The Theatre School, 2350 N. Racine Ave.)
January 25: MFA Acting Auditions
January 28: MFA Acting Auditions
January 29: MFA Acting Auditions
February 1: MFA Acting Auditions
February 15: MFA Acting Auditions & MFA Directing Finalists Interview Day

The MFA Arts Leadership Finalists Interview Day will take place at Chicago Shakespeare Theater (Navy Pier/800 E. Grand Avenue) in mid-March.

New York City (Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave.)
January 18: MFA Acting Auditions
January 19: MFA Acting Auditions

Los Angeles (W. Los Angeles, 930 Hilgard Ave.)
February 1: MFA Acting Auditions

How to register for a...

MFA Acting applicants must submit the online application before they are able to register for an MFA audition. Click here to register for an MFA audition. More information about the MFA Acting audition process can be found here.

Interviews for the MFA Arts Leadership and MFA Directing program are by invitation only; applicants are notified by email once all application materials have been reviewed and a decision has been made. Registration instructions will be provided in the invitation email.