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How to Apply

We strongly encourage prospective acting students to submit their applications and prescreen videos by December 1, as callback auditions take place in January and February. Transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation must be submitted by February 1.
Actors who submit applications and videos after December 1 will be reviewed as remaining audition space allows, but please note that applications and videos cannot be accepted after February 1.


The first step is to submit the online application. There is no application fee. Applicants receive a confirmation email and gain access to their DePaul Portal once they submit the application. 

Audition Fee

There is a $50 audition fee which must be paid before you are able to submit your photograph and prescreen video. The audition fee is paid online through your DePaul Portal.


A photograph is required for identification purposes. A professional headshot is not required. Please upload your photograph to your DePaul Portal, using the "Upload Materials" section.

Prescreen Video

Use the "Portfolio Submission" section on your DePaul Portal to upload your video file for the prescreen. For video tips and requirements, please visit our audition page. You will be notified of the prescreen result by email once your photograph and video have been received and your video has been reviewed. Students who receive a callback will need to complete a short questionnaire and register for an in-person callback.


The theatre student interview questionnaire consists of a couple short questions about your theatrical experience and interests, and helps us get to know you before working with you at your callback. The questionnaire can be found on your DePaul Portal after you receive a callback.

Callback Audition

Callbacks take place in-person throughout January and February, both on-campus and in regional locations. Please visit our auditions & interviews page for this year's dates and locations. For more information about what to expect at the callback, visit our audition page.

Official Transcripts

Have an official copy of your high school transcript mailed, emailed, or sent through Naviance to The Theatre School Admissions Office. If you are a transfer applicant and have completed at least 30 hours of college credit or are 24 years old or older, high school transcripts are not required.

If you have taken college credit courses you wish to have considered for transfer credit, please have your college transcripts sent to us as well.

Test Scores (optional)

You can choose to apply with or without ACT or SAT scores. If you choose to submit your test scores and they do not appear on your high school transcript, request the testing agency forward a score report to DePaul. Our college code number for ACT is 1012 and for SAT is 1165. Learn more about applying test optional.

Letter of Recommendation

Request one letter of recommendation from an individual who is familiar with your desire to attend The Theatre School, such as a teacher, director, or employer. They should not be a family member or personal friend. There is no specific form required for the letter of recommendation. Your recommender may send their letter to us by mail or email, or your counselor may use the High School Counselor Recommendation Form on The Common Application.

Application Status Check

Application materials can be mailed, emailed, or uploaded through your DePaul Portal. To check the status of your application materials, view the checklist on your DePaul Portal or call The Theatre School Admissions Office at (773) 325-7999. Please allow at least three weeks from the time you send in your materials before requesting a status check.

Materials submitted to DePaul University by applicants or guidance counselors via Common App, Naviance, or other electronic sources will be received by The Theatre School Admissions. You do NOT need to send them to us again.