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Theatre Studies Minor

The Theatre School offers a minor as a way for DePaul University students in other colleges to engage and explore their interest in the theatre through a broad range of theatre coursework. Theatre School students are not eligible to declare a minor in Theatre Studies.

Course Requirements

​A minor in Theatre Studies requires the completion of 24 Theatre School credits of the student's choosing, based on the list below. Students from outside The Theatre School may take the following classes at their home college tuition rate:

All courses are offered on an as needed basis. On occasion, Theatre Studies minors may take Theatre Studies (THE) classes not listed above.*  Availability of those courses is dependent on space available in the class, completion of appropriate prerequisites and permission of the instructor, which the student must obtain in order to enroll.  Classes in the acting program (PRF) are not open to students pursuing a minor.

Students pursuing a minor who are approved to take Theatre School courses not on this list will be charged the part-time, per-credit Theatre School tuition rate for those classes. 

*If approved by instructor, any Theatre Studies (THE) course may be applied towards completion of the minor. 


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Students interested in pursuing the Theatre Studies Minor must first be enrolled at DePaul University and should contact The Theatre School Associate Dean’s office at​ or (773) 325-4786. ​