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For Teachers

The Theatre School is proud to offer free and public Teacher Guides for all of our performances in the Chicago Playworks for Families and Young Audiences series.

Our dramaturgy team works with the faculty and staff to design and create Teacher Guides around both state and national learning standards for the fine arts, as well as other subjects like math, science, and social studies. Our Teacher Guides highlight curriculum connections, learning goals, and also provide pre and post-show activities, discussion topics, and creative assignments for use in the classroom or at home!

Teacher Guides are available to anyone upon request and can also be accessed on this page. If you have any questions about our season or resources for teachers, please contact Laura Rice, Group Sales Representative, 312.922.1999.

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2016-17 Chicago Playworks for Families and Young Audiences Series

The Kid Who Ran for President - Teacher Guide
Themes: Adaptation; Democracy; Elections and Voting; Friendship; Responsibility; Self-Discovery; and The Presidency

Night Runner- Teacher Guide
Themes: Family; Historical Fiction; Oppression; Perseverance; Racism; Self-Discovery; Slavery; Underground Railroad

Cinderella: The Remix - Teacher Guide,   Adapted Teacher Guide
Themes: Fairy Tales; Gender Roles; Girl Power; Hip-Hop; Identity; Pop Culture; Sexism

Group discounts are available. A limited number of tickets are available this season on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.

If you are an educator and you would like to see the production prior to bringing your class please just let us know. We would love to share our work with you!

Call Group Sales at 312.922.1999, and let us welcome your students to the theatre.

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