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MFA Acting Audition

​​​​All MFA Acting applicants are required to complete an audition as part of our admissions process. The MFA Acting audition consists of two steps: a pre-recorded prescreen and a live, virtual callback. You will need to prepare two monologues for the prescreen.


  • You will need two monologues: one classical and one contemporary. 
  • Each monologue should be about 60-90 seconds.
  • Classical monologues must be in verse and either be Shakespearean or from the Restoration, Jacobean, or Elizabethan periods. 
  • Your text must be memorized.
  • Choose your text from plays. Do not use poems, films, or material from a one-person show.
  • Avoid selections from monologue books. If you do use one, make sure you read the entire play and understand the given circumstances of your monologue.
  • Choose text in which you speak directly to one other person and in which you play only one character.
  • Avoid farce, as it tends to lead actors into superficiality rather than inner resources.
  • Do not use dialects/accents that are not your own.
  • We strongly suggest that you choose roles that are close to your own age and life experiences.

The Prescreen

Submit your prescreen through your application status portal (under "portfolio") by December 1. Applicants gain access to this portal after submitting the online application. Results of the prescreen are communicated by email.

For the prescreen, you will need to upload a single video file to your Application Status Portal which contains the following:

  • Introduction: please share with us your name, hometown, and where you are located geographically right now. Please also briefly answer the following two questions to help us get to know you:
      • What part of our training are you most in need of or wish to become an expert?
      • What are your career goals in acting?
  • Classical Monologue (60-90 seconds; record this in a wide or "full body" view)
  • Contemporary Monologue (60-90 seconds; record this in a medium shot, from your rib cage up)
​It is okay to film each of the three components separately, as long as ​you ultimately upload only a single video file. Be sure to review your video before uploading to ensure everything is as you intend it to be.

We invite you to scroll through the videos in the gallery below to learn more about each part of the MFA prescreen and to meet the Head of MFA Acting, Dexter Bullard.


The Callback Audition

Callback auditions for fall 2021 applicants were held live, but virtually, over Zoom due to COVID-19. A determination has not yet been made about the format of callback auditions for fall 2022 applicants. Please check back in late summer/early fall for updates.

Callback auditions are held in a group format and last about two hours. When registering for a callback session, ensure that you can be present the entire time. Our callbacks focus on group and partnered work and you cannot be considered for admission without attending the entire session.

We encourage you to do your own warm-up prior to logging on. After a short information session and time to ask questions, applicants will be led through three components, each led by a different member of our performance faculty:

Kristina Fluty will lead applicants through some movement work.

Phil Timberlake will lead applicants through some voice and speech work. 

Dexter Bullard will work with you and an assigned scene partner (another student from your callback session) on a short "open scene". The text will be provided to you during the callback.

After completing your callback, please ensure all of your application materials have all been received by reviewing the checklist on your application portal. Admissions decisions are made soon after the callback auditions conclude in February. Applicants who are missing materials may not be considered for admission.

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