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MFA Acting

An audition is required to be considered for admission to the MFA acting program. Auditions must be scheduled in advance using our Online Audition Scheduler. Instructions are sent after an applicant has submitted their online application.

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About the audition

Check-in occurs at the audition start time.

After a short information session the audition begins with an individual monologue session in front of a panel of 2-3 faculty members. We encourage you to do your own warm-up for your monologues.

Once the individual monologue sessions have been completed each faculty panel will take a small group of auditionees through a class experience. The class may include group improvisation and movement and vocal expression work.

For the last part of the class session, you will be assigned a scene partner from among the other auditionees in your small group. Under the direction of our faculty, you and your partner will work on a six-line “open scene” that the faculty will provide you during the class.

Once the class session ends you have completed the audition process. There are no call-backs.

NOTE: We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for physical activity throughout the audition. However, if you feel the need to wear other clothing for your monologue there will be time to change prior to the class session.

About the monologues

MFA Acting applicants should prepare two (2) monologues – one contemporary and one classical, a maximum of four minutes total. The classical monologue must be in verse and either be Shakespearean, or from the Restoration, Jacobean or Elizabethan periods. Other guidelines for selecting and preparing a monologue include:

  • Your monologues must be memorized.
  • Choose your monologues from plays. Do not use poems, films, or material from a one-person show.
  • Avoid selections from monologue books, however if you do use one, make sure you read the entire play and understand the given circumstances of your monologue.
  • Choose material suitable to your true age. Do not do characters that are much older or younger than you.
  • Choose a monologue in which you speak directly to one other person and in which you play only one character.
  • Avoid using farce, as it tends to lead actors into superficiality rather than inner resources.
  • Please avoid using dialects.
  • Do not sing.
  • Because our goal is to see you, and not a character, we strongly suggest that you choose a role that is very close to your own life experiences in addition to being close to your true age.
  • Video-taped auditions are not accepted.

On campus auditions

On campus auditions are held on select Saturday mornings and last four hours beginning with check-in at 8 am. On campus auditions are held at The Theatre School.

Regional auditions

Auditions are held regionally on select dates in New York City and San Francisco. Regional audition dates have sessions that last four hours and either begin at 8 am or 1 pm. ​