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  • John Bridges

    John Bridges

    • DePaul Emeritus Society; Former Assistant Dean, Director of Admission and Alumni Relations
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  • Linda Buchanan

    Linda Buchanan

  • Bill Burnett

    Bill Burnett

  • Steve Carmichael

    Steve Carmichael

  • Nan Cibula-Jenkins

    Nan Cibula-Jenkins

  • Anastasia Gonzalez

    Anastasia Gonzalez

    • DePaul Emeritus Society; Former Budget Manager
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  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Hamilton

    Elizabeth (Betsy) Hamilton

  • Donald W. Ilko

    Donald W. Ilko

  • Bella Itkin

    Bella Itkin

  • John Jenkins

    John Jenkins

  • Trudie Kessler

    Trudie Kessler

    • Head of Undergraduate Acting - Voice and Speech
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  • James Maronek

    James Maronek

  • Dawn G. McKesey

    Dawn G. McKesey

    • DePaul Emeritus Society; Former Assistant Costume Shop Manager
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  • Janet C. Messmer

    Janet C. Messmer

  • Ric Murphy

    Ric Murphy

  • John O'Malley

    John O'Malley

  • James Ostholthoff

    James Ostholthoff

  • Leslie Shook

    Leslie Shook

    • DePaul Emeritus Society; Former Theatre Manager
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  • Joseph Slowik

    Joseph Slowik

    • Acting, Directing, Professor Emeritus
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  • Wayne W. Smith

    Wayne W. Smith

    • DePaul Emeritus Society; Former Properties Master, Safety Officer
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  • John Ransford Watts

    John Ransford Watts