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Anastasia Gonzalez

  • DePaul Emeritus Society; Former Budget Manager
  • Emeriti Staff

Anastasia worked at DePaul University for 31 years, working at the DePaul bookstore prior to joining The Theatre School to fill the position of Accounts Manager. She was later promoted to Budget Manager/Administrative Assistant to the Dean, and worked closely with the Dean on all financial aspects of the school. In this role, Stacy manages the school's finances in compliance with DePaul guidelines while remaining flexible to meet the rigorous and sometimes unusual demands of budgeting for our theatrical productions. She moved The Theatre School forward on the various upgrades and new systems that the University has developed over these years, making sure that the school’s production life continued without any delays, and provided warm and personalized support for all members of the community. She started the practice of using accounting students as student workers, providing students with practical experiences in managing the accounting of theatrical productions, events, and academic programs at the school. She has also been involved with several smaller theatres including Zephyr Dance Company and was a board member for a sho​rt time. Stacy was also instrumental in the financial planning around the school’s transition to the new building, which opened in 2013. Over the years she has developed a great love and respect for the theatre, and is especially thankful for her participation in The Theatre School's 2013-14 production of Our Town, directed by Damon Kiely.  ​​​​​