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Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

by Jennifer Haley
directed by Mallory Metoxen

When parents find their teenagers addicted to an online horror game in their cookie-cutter suburb, the lines between virtual and reality become blurred. As the gamers battle zombies attacking their digitized neighborhood, connections with family, friends, and neighbors fray and fear takes on a life of its own. 

How do we keep connection alive?

January 31, 2020 - February 09, 2020
In the Healy Theatre
(773) 325-7900


The cast features Shelby Ronea (Daughter One), Bridget Painter (Daughter Two), Jesi Mullins (Mother), Austin Daly (Son One), Gabriel Halstead Alvarez (Son Two), TJ Harris (Father).

The production team includes scenic design by Trent Jones, costume design by Chloe Levy, lighting design by Brian Gallagher, sound design by Chris Comstock, technical direction by Willow Rakoncay, dramaturgy by William Kanter, and stage management by Katherine Petralia.

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