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Still Life With Iris

  • by Steven Dietz
  • directed by John Jenkins
  • In a wonderful world of snowflake pairs, ladybug spots, and teaching the wind to whistle, Still Life with Iris celebrates the seeking and finding of personal history. With the help of Poe’s Annabel Lee (½ pirate, ½ sea), and an 11-year old Mozart, Iris and her friends set out on a touching adventure in search of a ship, a song, the way home, and the recovery of lost and treasured memories.
  • Recommended for ages 9 and up.
  • October 27, 2008 - December 05, 2008
  • (312) 922-1999
  • The cast features
    Josef Bette (Man / Mister Matternot / Dad), Kevin Bigley (Elmer / Grotto Good), Mal Darcey (Hazel / Gretta Good), Joseph Bunke (Bender / Mister Himtoo), Tosha Fowler (Mom / Miss Overlook), Loresa Yvonne (Iris), Elizabeth Kron (Leaf Monitor / Annabel Lee), Zachary Shornick (Flower Painter / Mozart), Hudsen Schuchart (Memory Mender / Mister Otherguy).

    The production team includes scenic design by A.J. Tarzian,costume design by Samantha Umstead,lighting design by Chase Corman,sound design by Lindsay Jones,dramaturgy by Matthew Ducey, andstage management by Christina Pretsch.