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What Happened in Pinkville? A Cubist Dialectic on the Massacre at My Lai

by Greg Allen
directed by James Bohnen

What Happened in Pinkville? A Cubist Dialectic on the Massacre at My Lai tells the true story of an American military atrocity: the massacre of 500 civilians in a small village during the Vietnam War. By exploring the history, the murders, the cover-up, the trial of Lieutenant William Calley, and the aftermath, playwright Greg Allen asks the question "Who is responsible for soldiers' actions during wartime?"

A dramatic examination of war atrocities and their far-reaching implications.

Featuring the Class of 2014 Master of Fine Arts in Acting candidates, and directed by Remy Bumppo Founder James Bohnen.

Recommended for mature audiences.
May 16, 2014 - May 25, 2014
Previews : 5/14 & 5/15
WED - SAT at 7:30 PM
SUN at 2 PM
The cast features
Olga Aguilar (Aubrey Daniels, Survivor, and others), Dana Dancho (Sally Terry, Protestor, Nguyen Hiey, Williams Westmoreland, and others), Clayton Louis (Ernest Medina, Lawrence Colburn, Interviewer, Ron Ridenhouer, and others) Maureen Mizener (Goerge Layimer, Protestor, David Haberstam, and others), Tiffany Oglesby (Judge Kennedy, Protestor, Johnathan Schell, and others), Joseff Stevenson (William Calley and others) Nathan Streifel (Paul Meadlo, Hugh Thompson, Michael Bernhardt, and others), Jason VonRohn (Michael Terry, Various Reporters, Dennis Conti and others), Marie Weiss (Dying Woman, Penny Calley, Frank Baker, Robert McNamera, and others), and Justin Wade Wilson (Billy Doherty, Vernando Simpson, Butch Gruver, Drill Sergeant, and others).

The production team includes scenic design by Emily Boydcostume design by Chloe Pattenlighting design by Bailey L. Rosasound design by Morgan Lakedramaturgy by Cecilia Settles and Genevieve Zoufal, and stage management by Dana Stringer.

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