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Charlotte's Web

  • by E.B. White
  • adapted by Joseph Robinette
  • directed by Jamie Vann
  • October 07, 1996 - December 06, 1996
  • (312) 922 1999
  • The cast features
    Scott Illingworth, Benjamin Foushee, Kelli Nonnemacher, Wendy Carter, Jason Jones, Jeffrey Duhigg, Sarah Clifford, Jamey A. Ketner, Erikka Yancy, Jason Beck, J. Scott Torrence, Andrew Ramcharan, Tisha Terrasini, Anne-Marie Welty, James H. Rowe, Julia Sobaski, Honey Beverly Crawford, Ryan Rentmeester, Jessica Torok.

    The production team includes scenic Design by Miladel C. Pamatmat , Costume design by Tim Mazurek , Lighting Design by Heidi Winkle , Sound design by Jeffrey Webb , Dramaturgy by Darby Lunceford , and stage management by Rodney Max Hunter.