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Mango Leaf Magic

by James Ambrose Brown
directed by Ann Wakefield
Visit the lush and exotic world of South Africa where Moonsammy, a young fruit vendor, sells his wares in front of a Hindu temple. Impressed by his noble intentions, The Little Green God grants Moonsammy three magic mango leaves. Using the enchanted leaves, Moonsammy embarks on a quest to rescue Soni, a beautiful girl locked in a tower by her greedy uncle. Together, they learn the value of faith, friendship and loyalty in this captivating tale.
Recommended for age 6 and up.
October 31, 2005 - December 02, 2005
The cast features
Stewart Calhoun (The Green God), Missi Davis (Cricket), Jason Karasev (Moonsammy), Allison Pryce (The Green God), Dima Rozental (Old Man), Kristen Secrist (Soni), Douglas Thornton (The Rajah), and Andrea Tichy (The Old Woman).

The production team includes scenic design by
Carolina Avalos, costume design by Jessica Chesak, lighting design by Noah Record, sound design by Scotty Iseri, dramaturgy by Lyssa Cook & Cat Gannon, and stage management by Bevin R. Mick.