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by Roald Dahl
adapted by adapted for the stage by David Wood
directed by Ernie Nolan​​​​
​In this fun and imaginative story, the orphan Sophie is snatched from her bed by a quirky but harmless Big Friendly Giant who uses a trumpet to blow dreams into children’s ears. As they become friends and join forces against a few other mischievous giants, Sophie discovers “frobscottle,” “wizzpopping” and all sorts of fantastical things that fill their adventure with mixedup language, laughs and magical entertainment.
Recommended for ages 5 and up.
January 12, 2007 - March 05, 2007
The cast features
Chris Brown (The BFG), Chris Chmelik (Bloodbottler/Ronald Simkins/Head of the Army), Anya Clingman (Meatdripper/Rebecca's Mother/Mary the Maid), Millie Debenedet (Sophie), Melissa diLeonardo (Gizzardgulper/Rebecca/Queen of Sweden), Tim Frank (Fleshlumpeater/Headteacher/Mr. Tibbs), David Rispoli (Bonecruncher/Sam Simpkins/Head of the Airforce), and Mary Williamson (Childchewer/Mrs. Plumridge/Queen of England).

The production team includes scenic design by Katie Schweiger & Wendy Sanabria, costume design by Ariel Boroff, lighting design by Chris Prezas, sound design by Jeremy Chalmer, dramaturgy by Kelly Kerwin & Leanne G. Medeiros, and stage management by Kyle Conn.