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Alice in Wonderland

  • by Lewis Carroll
  • directed by Sean Graney
  • musical direction by Mark Elliott
  • Join us for guest director Sean Graney's quirky new take on this highly imaginative classic. Watch Alice fall down the rabbit hole and drop into Wonderland, complete with the Mad Hatter's tea party and a Cheshire grin. Alice in Wonderland is sure to surprise and delight the young and young at heart.
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  • Recommended for all ages.
  • January 12, 2009 - March 02, 2009
  • (312) 922-1999
  • The cast features
    Chance Bone (Cheshire Cat), Steve Brian (Cook/Guard), Kroydell Galima (Humpty Dumpty), Nicholas Harper (Frog/King of Hearts), Sarah August Hecht (Mad Hatter/Two of Spades), Ben Huth (Tweedledee/Guard), Sarah Jackson (Alice), Jeremy Kahn (Tweedledum/Guard), Connor McCahill (White Knight/Knave), Shannon Matesky (Duchess), Courtney Payne (White Rabbit), Falashay Pearson (Fish/Guard), Samantha Perry (Edith/Queen of Hearts), Eve Rydberg (Door Mouse/Seven of Spades), Kyle Wallace (Caterpillar), Mackenzie Yeager (March Hare/Five of Spades).replacement text

    The production team includes scenic design by Stephen H. Carmody,replacement textcostume design by Alarie Hammock,replacement textlighting design by Casey Diers,replacement textsound design by Cristina Derisi,replacement textstage management by Elizabeth Hagen,replacement textand dramaturgy by Leslie Cunningham.replacement text