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The Coral King

by James Ambrose Brown
directed by Ann Wakefield

A magical postcard from the salty sea, this original fairy tale is an enchanting story about mermaids, a blue cat, an acrobatic octopus, and the Majesty of the Ocean. Pierre works all the time to please his lazy siblings who grow greedier on an Island of many treasures. But when he meets an intriguing stranger, Pierre makes choices that prove he is true of heart and respectful not only to others, but also to his surrounding environment – the sea.

Recommended for all ages.

April 02, 2013 - May 25, 2013
(312) 922-1999

Themes: Caring, Enviornment, Fairytales and Storytelling, Geography, Imagination, Respect, Thinking of Others

Chris Ash (Pierre), Andrew Fleischer (Napoleon), Michael Foster (Octopus), Kayla Holder (Blue Cat), Sonaz Izadi (Mermaid), Meredith Johnston (Fleurette), Eric Staves (Billiam Bones), and Zoe Leigh Tyson (Octopus).

The production team includes scenic design by Emily Boyd, costume design by Taylor S. Paynelighting design by Nick Belley, sound design by Kami Siu, dramaturgy by Mike Doyle, and stage management by Liz Fiala.