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The Royal Hunt of the Sun

by Peter Shaffer
directed by Ian Frank

16th Century Peru. In this epic adventure, Francisco Pizarro leads 168 Spaniards to conquer 8,000 Incan soldiers in the name of gold and religion. When the Spaniards capture Atahualpa, King of the Incas, a high-stakes bargain is made, and all notions of chivalry and faith are questioned. This quest for truth and immortality features pageantry and music in an imaginative look at history.

February 01, 2013 - February 10, 2013
Previews : 1/30 & 1/31
(312) 922-1999

Ruben Adorno (Atahuallpa), Chris Ash (Fray Vincente de Valverde), Stephanie Andrea Barron (Domingo/Chieftain), George Booker (Hernando de Soto), Sara Fidelholtz (Felipillo), Andrew Fleischer (Salinas/Villac Umu), Sonaz Izadi (Martin Ruiz as a boy), Miriam Lee (Vasca/Headman), Clayton Louis (Francisco Pizarro), Erica Murphy (Diego de Trujillo/Oello), Sam Tank (Rodas/Challcuchima), Autumn Teague (Miguel Estete/Inti Coussi), Kelsey Ann Wacker (Pedro de Candia), Marie Weiss (Fray Marcos de Nizza), and Sean Wilberg (Martin Ruiz).

The production team includes scenic design by Jillian Rothman, costume design by Anne Stebbins, lighting design by Bailey Rosa, sound design by Jack Hawkinsdramaturgy by Francesco De Salvatore, and stage management by Olivia Wallace.