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Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

based on the book by Gary D. Schmidt
adapted by Cheryl L. West
directed by John Jenkins

It is 1912 in coastal Maine, and Reverend Buckminster’s son Turner is the new kid in town. Lonely and having trouble fitting in, he meets Lizzie Bright, an African-American girl from nearby Malaga Island who becomes his best friend. They share everything: secrets, worries, and the courage to take a stand against greed and racial prejudices in their community. When the townspeople try to force the residents off of Malaga Island, their friendship is tested and Turner and Lizzie face life’s great challenges of loss and allegiance.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

January 19, 2013 - March 02, 2013
(312) 922-1999

Themes: American History, Black History Month Celebrations, Community, Courage, Friendship, Geography, Leadership, Loss & Death, Legacy, Understanding Difference.

Cameron Benoit (Deacon Hurd), Michael Coutryman (Willis Hurd), Daniel Lewis (Sheriff), Maureen Mizener (Mrs. Cobb), Louie Rinaldi (Turner Buckminster), Tiffany Tenille (Lizzie Bright Griffin), Joseff Stevenson (Reverend Buckminster), and Justin Wade Wilson (Reverend Griffin, Grandfather).

The production team includes: scenic design by Michael Davidcostume design by Lissa Lamona, lighting design by Garvin Jellisonsound design by Kami Siu, dramaturgy by Francesco De Salvatore, stage management by Belinda Bing