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Mess Fest Comedy Festival

directed by Liz Joynt Sandberg

​Mess Fest is The Theatre School’s first-ever student-driven comedy festival—every aspect of production highlights student work. The festival originated from the idea of the joy in the return to live performance and embraces the “messiness” of life.  Many of our performances may contain mature language, sexual themes, mild violence, and loud sounds (screaming, gunshots, etc.). This does not include our designated family-friendly performances, Clown Cabaret and I Spy: a Top-Secret Family Comedy Show. Embrace your weirdness with us for two full weeks!

For the complete festival schedule, click here​.

​Festival passes are $15 for entry to any of the festival's productions. Discounted $5 passes are available for DePaul students.

October 27, 2021 - November 07, 2021
In the Watts Theatre
(773) 325-7900

​The festival is led by Flora Bare, Kathryn Courtney, Tisby Critchley, Joel Davila, Trevor Dudasik, Carlie Goodlett, Lexi Hanna, Lazarus Howell, Sam Kerns, Caroline Koonce, Cooper Lyke, Logan Munoz, Liz Joynt Sandberg, Mia Thomas, Kathy Thompson, Robert Vetter, Laila Wenrich, and Devin Wright.

The production team includes scenic design by Maia Glover, Shokie Tseumah, and Olivia Volk; costume design by Grace Gilbreath, Grace Onofrey, and Megan Pahlow; wig and makeup design by Mia Thomas; lighting design by Mel Williams; sound ​design by Vija Lapp; ​projection design by Parker Molacek; technical direction by Paola Cordero; dramaturgy by Carlie Goodlett; stage management by Sarah Matthews; and production stage management by Gaby Suarez.​