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Blood Wedding

by Federico García Lorca
adapted by Maria Irene Fornes
directed by Lisa Portes

​In this folk tragedy adapted by Maria Irene Fornes, a bride struggles with unresolved feelings for a former suitor. On the night of her wedding, a moonlit escape ignites a chain of events that will forever haunt the families of those involved. The women of Blood Wedding confront passions driven by love and vengeance while challenging Spanish traditions of marriage and honor.​​

February 03, 2021 - February 14, 2021

This presentation is a progressive experience, starting as an audio play and adding visual elements as the story unfolds.

The cast features Collin Huerta (Groom), Danielle Chmielewski (Mother/Death), Geffen Aviva (Neighbor/First Young Woman/Third Young Woman), Amelia Hernandez (Bride), Jesi Mullins (Mother-in-Law/Servant), Zoe Gray (Wife), Olemich Tugas (Leonardo), Athena Nickole (Young Girl/Second Young Woman/Second Young Girl), Isaac Correa (Father/Moon/Child), Alex Patterson (Guest/Second Young Man/Second Woodcutter), Paul Danowski (First Young Man/First Woodcutter), and Josh Nett (Third Woodcutter).

The production team includes assistant direction from Christine Freije, sound design and composition by Mikhail Fiksel, visual design by Parker Molacek, dramaturgy by Ross Milstead and Josephine Clark, costume consulting by Chloe Noelle Levy, and stage management by Caylah Johnson and Josh Nett.​​