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House of Agamemnon Electra and Orestes

directed by Bella Itkin

March 02, 1983 - March 12, 1983

Jim Krag, Cindy Orthal, Peggy Dunne, Janis Henri, Laura Riddle, Christine Foy, Bob McGranahan, Nancy Nickel, Jim Fitzgerald, John Gegenhuber, Carrie Goldstein, Stephen Smith, Paul Tamney, Scott Turner, Michelle Costello, Sue Cunningham, Kirk Austensen, Todd V. Foland, Joe Pecchio, Tammy Berlin, Maria Coscia, Sheila Hodges, Kathryn King, Helga Trevino.

The production team includes  choreography by Hedy Weiss, scenic design by James Maronek, costume design by Kaye Nottbusch, lighting design by G.E. Naselius.