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Beauty and the Beast

by Mmm. Le Prince de Baumont
directed by Carol D. Delk

January 11, 1987 - March 13, 1987

Wendy L. Williamson, Johanna E. McKay, Steve Larson, Mark Rosenthal, Kendy Genovese, Julie Ganey, Paul Hewitt, Lisa Mene Nemacheck, Lisa Nowicki, Chip O'Neil, Francesca Rollins, Dave Saperstein, Tina Gluschenko.

The production team includes  scenic design by Nan Zabriskie, costume design by Joanne Witzkowski Kalec, lighting design by Dawn Renee Ferry, sound design by Nanette Maffia, choreography by Francesca Rollins, stage management by Kristin Larsen.