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Dinner at Eight

by George S. Kaufman & Edna Ferbe
directed by Donald W. Ilko & Barry Brunetti

Dinner at Eight is a sophisticated comedy that involves the Oliver Jordan family in a whirl of amusing encounters which never addresses the underlying and unspoken tragedies of the Great Depression. Millicent Jordan is obsessed with social status and plans a fabulous dinner party for an aristocratic English couple at her Park Avenue home. The guests include a philandering doctor, an over-the-hill alcoholic actor and a gauche, nouveau-riche couple who are loathed but powerful. While Millicent spends her days focused on herself we witness the betrayals, lies, and deceptions of her family, guests and staff.

April 12, 2005 - April 23, 2005
(312) 922 1999

Alexandra O'Daly, Melissa diLeonardo, Clayton Smerican, Callie Munson, Ian Custer, Emily Brooks, Laura Mahler, Mackensize Kyle, Jonathen C. Beran, Maris Hudson, Gwynne Crowley, Casey Campbell, J. Levi Holloway, Kyle Gibson, Matt Hune, Nate Maher, Logan Walters, Nathan Boren, Stephan Madar, Chloe Emma Hughes, Kathryn Steffens, Gabriel Pagan Lopez.

The production team includes scenic design by Marianna Csaszar, costume design by Lindsey Pate, lighting design by Mathew McHale-Rogers, sound design by Soctty Iseri, dramaturgy by Rachel Shteir, stage management by Katrina Renee Herrmann.