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Like a Cow or an Elephant

by Kara Lee Corthron
directed by Chuck Smith

Kara Lee Corthron has been named this year’s winner of the Theodore Ward Prize for African-American Playwrights for her play Like a Cow or An Elephant. The Theatre School Showcase at DePaul University will present the show, which will be directed by Chuck Smith, to conclude its 2006-2007 season. Like a Cow or An Elephant is the story of Kreena, a woman around thirty years of age, who works a job as a janitor in an office building—a job she cherishes—and lives in a house with her eccentric, history-obsessed mother.  Kreena’s methodical, repetitive life is, in part, due to a mild developmental disability. Kreena also feels trapped by her mother’s controlling influence. Despite the obstacles she must confront, which also include a brother in narcotics rehabilitation, a new co-worker invading the private sanctuary of her job, and a mysterious stranger with secrets, Kreena can’t help but see the best in all people. In Like a Cow or An Elephant, Kreena must travel the difficult path from her safe shell to independence and self-actualization.The prestigious Theodore Ward Prize – named for the African-American author, playwright and Chicagoan (1902-1983) – recognizes the outstanding individual accomplishments of African-American playwrights, as well as their importance to the shape and direction of American drama in our time. Winners are nationally renowned for holding a mirror up to a myriad of subject matter.

May 15, 2007 - May 26, 2007
(312) 922 1999

Wardell Clark (Levvy), Ashlee Jones (Kreena), Lauren Malara (Mama), Sarah Marcus (Cass), and Austin Talley (Michel).

The production team includes scenic design by John Holt, costume design by Katie Cordts, lighting design by Alec Bernstein, sound design by Josh Horvath, dramaturgy by Lenora Brown & Caitlin Hansen, and stage management by Samantha Flint.