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Good Worker

by Isaac Holter
directed by Carlos Murillo

​When the employees of Nurture Organics, a whole-food store of the future, bond over "the most outrageous and unlikely topics including sex, class, gender and race," the results are unexpected as their intentions to change their workplace are put to the test. Holter's thought-provoking new play challenges the notion of tolerance vs. toxicity, and illuminates the challenges of youth, identity and the unknown future.

May 10, 2007 - May 19, 2007
(312) 922 1999

Matt Hune (Marxy), Josephine Keefe (Gina), Edgar Sanchez (Afton), and Jennifer Walker (Sonia).

The production team includes scenic design by Lauren Angelopoulos, costume design by Coral Gables, lighting design by Camden Peterson, sound design by Mallie Halterman, dramaturgy by Evan Fillon, and stage management by Kelsey Lamm.