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TTS Gala Virtual Choir Information

​​​​​​​​​​​The Theatre School's annual gala to support our scholarship fund is going virtual for 2020. LIGHTS UP! At Home will stream live on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 6pm (Central) with a program involving various videos  from DePaul and TTS administrators, students, and alumni, and will provide opportunities for donors to support our students through scholarship donations.  We are beginning the program with an opening musical number and that's where you come in. We want you to participate in our virtual choir!

Curious what we are aiming for? Check out these examples here, here, and here​.

​For our virtual choir and opening number of the gala, The Theatre School's Musical Director, Mark Elliott, has put together a special arrangement of Billy Joel's Summer, Highland Falls​. ​ TTS students, faculty, staff, and alumni are invited to submit their recordings (see instructions and video requirements below) which will be compiled, edited, and engineered by the production company producing all the video content for the gala.

Ready to participate? 

We ask that you record and submit your videos no later than ​Friday, October 16.

Here's what you'll do:

1. First and foremost...HAVE FUN!

2.   Once you learn the song, we ask that you record one pass singing the lead line all the way through.  From this we'll be pulling out solo lines and layering some sections to be sung in unison, so you don't need to be too fussy about the rhythms—they can look a little complicated on the page.  Just go with how you remember Billy singing it!

3.  Then choose one (or more!) of the supporting parts and record another pass singing that all the way through.  Most of the supporting sections have 3 parts:  a man’s part on the bottom, a woman’s part in the middle, and a part that can be sung by anyone on the top (women may sing as written or an octave lower, men should sing it high in their range).  There is one section, measures 82-98, that is more of that traditional 4-part feel—there are 2 men’s parts and 2 women’s parts (the lower women’s part gets pretty low, so a few men might want to help out on that one).​

We need to generate enough raw material to balance everything out, so just choose a part and go with it, and we'll sort it out!

You don't have to hit the d's in the “doo" sections hard—just a gentle one will be fine.  And you don't need a lot of volume—keep it relaxed and clear and breathe!​

Here are the materials:

1. Sheet music for the arrangement
2. Full score track
3. Piano track
4. Lead line track
5. Part 1 track
6. Part 2 track
7. Part 3 track

Have questions about the music? Contact Mark Elliott at​

Ready to record?

Please follow these guidelines:

1. Please be sure to use one of the arranged tracks above when recording. (Don't record singing along with Billy!)

2. Follow the filming guidelines below when framing your shot.  Make sure you’ve found a very quiet place to sing/record.

3. Using two devices will probably work best - like a phone to film and laptop to play the music.  From one device, use headphones to listen to the track while you sing.  Record yourself singing with the other device.  This will mean the recorded file you send us will have only your voice recorded, no music track should be heard in your recording.

Recording tips:

Please film horizontal/landscape. Don’t shoot vertical video!
If using a phone to record, use a tripod or something to steady the phone for a non-moving shot.
Don’t use your phone or laptop zoom function.
Don’t stand in front of a window or bright light - make sure you are well lit instead of your background.
Please avoid wearing bold patterns or clothing with writing/branding (except for TTS or DePaul branded clothes - those are encouraged!).
Be as close to the recording device as possible.
Your image should like this:​

​Have questions about recording? Contact Jason Beck at​

Ready to Submit?

Please submit your videos no later than Friday, October 16.

Please name your video files using this naming structure:
[Last Name], [First Name] - [Musical Part].xxx

So that it looks like this:
Beck, Jason - Lead Line.mp4   or   Beck, Jason - Part 3.mp4