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BFA Acting

Our audition focuses on your potential for future growth. We believe that imagination, personal initiative, self-discipline, stamina, seriousness of purpose, commitment to the profession, and trainability are fundamental principles for The Theatre School students.

The audition is comprised of two parts: 1. audition and 2. callback. If you are selected for the callback, that session will be held on the same day.
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About the audition

Check-in occurs at the audition start time.

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for physical activity throughout the audition. However, if you feel the need to wear other clothing for your monologue there will be time to change after the monologue and prior to the class session.

After a short information session the audition begins with an individual monologue session with a member of our performance faculty. You will perform the monologue you prepared. Following your performance, the faculty member may work with you on the piece and/or engage in a short informal interview conversation.

We encourage you to do your own warm-up for your monologue prior to the audition.

Once the individual monologue sessions have been completed each faculty member will take a small group of auditionees though a class session. The class may include vocal expression work, group improvisation, acting exercises, and movement. Expect the class session to last about one hour.

Shortly after the end of the class session the callbacks will be announced.

Please note: If you are not selected for the callback, you are not being considered for admission.

About the callback

If you are selected for the callback, the session will be held the same day and you must be available to remain for the callback. Please plan for the callback session to last approximately two hours.

The callback begins with an individual monologue session with the callback panel. The callback panel will consist of 3-4 members of our faculty. You will be asked to perform your original monologue again. Following your performance, the faculty members may work with you on your piece and/or engage in a short informal interview conversation.

After the monologue session you will be asked to perform an individual cold reading selection (another monologue approximately 1 minute in length). You will be issued your cold reading selection at the time you are selected for the callback.

After the cold reading, the faculty will take you through a series of group exercises that may consist of acting, voice & speech, and movement related activities.

For the last part of the callback you will be assigned a scene partner from among the other audionees in the callback. Under the direction of the faculty, you and your scene partner will work on a short “open scene” that the faculty will provide you in the moment.

About the monologue

Prepare one contemporary monologue between 45 seconds and two minutes in length. You will be timed; please do not go over two minutes.

Your monologue must be memorized.

Choose your monologue from a play. Do not choose a Shakespearean or classical monologue.

Because our goal is to see you, and not a character, we strongly suggest that you choose a role that is very close to your own life experience and close to your own age.

Choose a monologue in which you speak directly to one other person and in which you play only one character.

Please avoid using dialects.

Video auditions are not accepted.

On campus Auditions

On campus auditions are held on select Saturday mornings and begin with check-in at 8 am. You should be available until 1 pm, however if you are not called back you will be released around 11 am.

Regional Auditions

Auditions are held regionally on select dates in select cities. Regional auditions either begin at 8 am or 1 pm. You should be available for five hours in case you are called back. ​