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Celeste Cooper

Celeste Cooper, alumna

MFA Acting '12

Tell us about your current projects and your career.

I am so thankful for the amount of work I have received since graduation. I have been blessed to work on many great projects with some amazingly talented people and companies. I have performed in numerous short films and commercials, and had my television debut on the hit TV show Chicago PD. My theatre credits include: Goodman Theatre's Measure for Measure, Remy Bumppo Theatre Company's Seascape, Citadel Theatre's How We Got On, 16th Street & Stage Left's Broken Fences at Leapfest, Pegasus Players' Young Playwrights Festival, Eclipse Theatre's production of Ruined, and my original one-woman show Fight 4 Your Life, produced by MPAACT.

How did The Theatre School prepare you for your career?

The Theatre School taught me the importance of authenticity, diligence, and genuine kindness.

What was one thing you learned at The Theatre School that has stayed with you and that has been helpful in your current line of work?

I learned that vulnerability is actually a good thing. An audience wants to see real people, not characters. The Theatre School helped me let my guard down and be comfortable with being "ME".

Do you have a favorite memory from your time studying at DePaul?

That's a hard one. This isn't a memory, but I have always been so thankful for the faculty and staff at DePaul. I was treated with so much love and received a most thorough education. I had a lot of hard days, but I always felt so loved and supported by the faculty and staff. I find myself still visiting The Theatre School fairly often.

What advice would you give to students at The Theatre School?

I would tell students to spiritually ground themselves, be and love who they are, and stay in their uniquely different and exceptional lane.